Angel Inspirations

Angel of Study

If you have invited me into your awareness today, then you are ready to reach out into life and learn something new. You are ready to study and open your mind. Perhaps you have the need to make a difference in the world and need to earn a qualification to do so.

I am here to tell you that no amount of learning or study ever goes to waste. It will inspire you, open your mind and experience, and bring new people into your world.

Taking this step and making it definite could be the best thing you have done in a long time. Any time you step out of your present comfort zone and explore areas of life that are new to you, it will give the Angels of light an opportunity to open up so many new and wonderful experiences and people to you. It allows us to do all we can to help you to gain confidence, to believe in yourself more and to find the success and fulfilment you deserve.

If you are presently studying and are finding things tough, even considering giving up your learning, then I ask you to look again. I ask you to believe in yourself and to persevere. You may need to work through some feelings of apathy, or you may need to pray loud and hard for definite guidance and support to help you to carry on. Send those prayers and be open to miracles. Most of all, be prepared to keep one foot in front of the other, to keep going, keep believing. It will only be a short while until you find your way again, discover new answers to old problems, find blocks begin to dissolve and boredom once more becomes inspiration. Turning life around, after all, is definitely the realm of expertise that belongs to the Angels, the inspirers of truth and life.

If you want to further you mind but don't know what to learn or study, then once again pray determinedly for guidance. Pray to be shown the ideas that would best support you, pray to discover the means to do the study, and most of all pray to find the courage to make the change.

Your prayers will be answered.


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