Tourmaline Crystal


This is a definite 'wow' Crystal. If you are ready for absolute, no-nonsense, change in your life, then this is the stone for you. It will help you to reveal your true colours and declare them to the world in such a way that nothing and no one is left in any doubt of who you are.

Tourmaline will help you to 'dynamite' your mind of old hurts and grievances which drain your energy and hold you back. It will bring blinding flashes of clarity and realisation when you have been struggling over and over, trying to find new answers to old problems.

When you are stuck in a situation that is making you unhappy and you just cannot see a way out or a way forward - perhaps you are afraid or don't want to hurt other people involved, then this stone will act as a friend who is able to look you in the eye and tell you with total honesty what the facts of the situation are. It will help you to courageously lift your head higher and see the situation from a greater vantage point. It will enable you to gain some detachment from the situation so that you can free your emotions, allowing them to empower you rather than stay tied up in hesitation. You will begin to see clear pictures and patterns emerging and along with greater understanding will come strength, a feeling of empowerment, realisation of where you can reach out to for honest support and a sense of calm and peace which will decend once 'right' new decisions are made.

Whenever realisations of truth are reached a sense of relief and peace always occurs. It is like a sign from Life that you are taking the best road for yourself. It is then up to you to keep walking. You are never alone and this stone will 'fight' in your corner at every turn, motivating you to keep believing, to keep going and to keep heart.

A mighty stone.

May Angels guide every Crystal that finds its way to you. Amen.

You can receive the healing by simply reading the words on the page and using the truth held within them to help you and guide you forward in your life. As you focus on the picture, know too that you are absorbing all the healing you need at this time - right now. Angels do connect to you and guide you. Life does want what is best for you and this is simply one way of reaching out a helping hand of truth and love on a conscious and visible level.

Angel Power