Random Choice Pink

Qualities of the Colour Pink

I cannot help but find a smile coming to my face when I think about the colour pink in order to write its qualities here. Pink is a gentle loving and romantic colour which quite simple lifts the heart. It holds the innocence of a new born baby, loving compassion and unconditional motherly nurturing.

This colour is the second and more feminine heart centred colour (the other colour being green) and thereby if it has come up for you today there is something in your heart that you are ready to heal.

Pink will help you to bring your breathing into harmony and to go easy with yourself. It also helps you to let go of any self judgement or self blame and to feel comfortable in your own skin. And, of all the colours pink is the colour to consciously draw to you if you have any skin complaints. Imagine this colour sinking into your skin, replensishing and rebuilding health. (n.b. if you have more of a problem with inflamation then use the colour blue, but please remember this advice is an enhancement to any treatment you are undergoing and never a replacement).

And lastly but not least, all matters of the heart, love, romance and relationships of any kind Pink can bring true harmony when simply imagining the whole situation surrounded by this colour. If you are on your own and lacking love, then pray for true love to enter your life and imagine putting all the qualities you would love to share into a pink ball of light and then sending that light up into the universe, knowing it will reach its destination - a bit like wishing on a star.

The full range of qualities of the colour pink are too numerous to put here, but I am sure you will discover all of them if you simply open your heart to all this colour has to offer.

With warmth and love


Suggested ways to use this colour for your benefit and healing

  • Wear the colour regularly

  • Imagine the colour surrounding you and being absorbed by your skin in ideal amounts

  • Imagine breathing the colour in and know you will receive only as much as you need

  • Daydream or visualise about wearing this colour, or swimming in a lake of this colour...the imagination is endless...play

  • Through eating foods of this colour

  • Take a colour healing remedy

  • Simply notice the colour around you throughout the day

About Colour Healing

Every colour of the spectrum has its own unique vibration. This is what keeps it apart from every other colour within your vision.

When you start focusing on a specific colour you will find that it feeds you energy. How that energy affects you will depend not only on the qualities that the colour has to offer, but also on how you respond to those qualities.

Every person on earth is unique, so every person's response will be equally unique. Therefore, it is up to you to explore how each colour affects you, what you need more of - or less. Colour does not harm you, the intention of everything natural and of the earth is to heal and support, so it is ok to play and try out different colours until you discover what is best for you at any given time.

The subject of colour healing is vast and only a small amount can be written here. Briefly, though, if you are using the random choice system you can trust that the colour which comes up has actually 'chosen you' today and is thereby exactly what you most need at this time.

Wishing you fun in your discovery of the wonder of colour, so freely available and all around you every day.

Jane x

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