Carnelian Crystal


Carnelian is a stone of strength and tenacity. It will enhance the willpower of a person, bringing certainty and determination to the fore. You will also find a sense of constancy regarding your energy levels and a sense of perseverance with projects, allowing you to see them through to the end.

The first role this stone plays, however, is to help a person to become clear about their choices. All Crystals resonate to the Soul Truth of their owner and that truth will differ for everyone. We are all unique. As certainty takes root, courage, honesty and conviction will begin to emerge, allowing feelings to be expressed openly and appropriately, which in turn enables relationships to build and become stronger. Also if an issue needs to be addressed which has been causing unhappiness or pain, this stone will help a person to gain understanding and then to take balanced but definite action.

Sometimes safety and routine become comfortable and it seems easy just to drift with whatever is placed before us in life. Instincts begin to fade, hopes disappear, zest becomes a memory and our dreams are forgotten. This is sad when there is so much potential to live in the world. Carnelian is an encouraging stone and will persevere to re-awaken joy and vision, to open heart and mind to new potential and to boost the whole energy system. When the person is ready and willing this stone will step right in there and get things moving!

Yet nothing is ever forced by any Crystal. It may be a stone of passion and re-awakening but it will wait until a person invites change into their lives. Sometimes this only happens when the status quo becomes so painful and depressing that there simply is no other option. Take action or fade away.

There is so much healing from life itself when a person chooses change -through colour, nutrition, creativity and so much more. Carnelian will try and help you to open your eyes to all the areas of support available to you. It will also help to melt away negativity, despair and exhaustion should they be present.

On a physical level this Gemstone will help the metabolism, kidneys (all flow of true energy in the body), water retention and the absorption of vitamins into the body.

May Angels guide every Crystal that finds its way to you. Amen.

You can receive the healing by simply reading the words on the page and using the truth held within them to help you and guide you forward in your life. As you focus on the picture, know too that you are absorbing all the healing you need at this time - right now. Angels do connect to you and guide you. Life does want what is best for you and this is simply one way of reaching out a helping hand of truth and love on a conscious and visible level.

Angel Power