Clear Quartz Crystal


Clear quartz is like the bright, fresh sunshine after a storm. It cleanses the body, the mind, the heart and the Soul of all heaviness, negativity, sadness and despair. This is a stone which seems to hold a constant cheerfulness and balance. No matter how many times a negative emotion surfaces, it will just gently clean it and heal it, sending loving understanding and enhancement in the hope that the recipient will begin to understand a truer way to express emotion and a better way to live.

This Crystal is a teacher and guide, awakening positive inspiration and new insight in an individual - insights that are discovered and unlocked from within their own Soul. Those insights are then strengthened into an ever greater sense of personal fulfillment and clarity. As this Crystal continues to heal, it's recipient becomes ever more aware of the truth of their Destiny.

No matter how deep or long lasting the issue this Gemstone is addressing, it will work tirelessly toward healing, cleansing and positive transformation.

If you are feeling doubtful or confused then just sit quietly for a while, holding this Crystal, and empty your mind. You will feel peace descend and if you allow it you will feel your mind lifting toward a higher perspective. It is at this point that true insights, inspiration, clarity, definitness of choice and healthful understanding can reach you.

May Angels guide every Crystal that finds its way to you. Amen.

You can receive the healing by simply reading the words on the page and using the truth held within them to help you and guide you forward in your life. As you focus on the picture, know too that you are absorbing all the healing you need at this time - right now. Angels do connect to you and guide you. Life does want what is best for you and this is simply one way of reaching out a helping hand of truth and love on a conscious and visible level.

Angel Power