Hematite Crystal


Hematite is a smooth and shiny stone, yet holds incredible depths of power and the ability to ground energy and focus forward.

If you have any timidity of character or low self esteem, this Crystal will help you in every way it can to allow your true sense of self to stand up tall within you - to know that you are worthy of this and to understand how great your life can become when you do allow this.

With a true sense of self and character so many things in your life can begin to come alive - you can begin to participate in the joy that happens all around you, rather than just glimpse it from the specator stand.

If you are a person who has become over-balanced to the other extreme - impulsive, over-confident, loud, aggressive or too eager to please, then this Crystal will also bring about balance and harmony, gently nurturing the peace and realisations that need to occur for you to let go the struggle.

It is a beautiful stone, seemingly gentle yet disceptively anchored. Relationships become stronger and communication clearer when this stone is used in the healing of self and others. Joy and exhillaration sneak into conversations, clarity and definiteness of thought shines forth in discussions. Sometimes gentleness is needed to bring harmony and balance to a situation, and sometimes it needs a blast of honesty or laughter. This stone is an expert in these areas and will nurture the fun and relief that comes with free flowing exchanges of ideas and feelings.

In all matters legal, this stone brings clarity, focus of attention and the staying power necessary to see things through in the best possible way. Pray for clarity and guidance as you hold this Crystal, then let go and know that the connection will bring all your answers naturally to you as you go about your day.

A special gift from this stone is to reign in scattered thoughts and avoided action, allowing barriers to be broken and doors to be unlocked. New avenues appear and new strengths stand tall in you as you allow this Gemstone to reach out and touch your heart and reach your world.

May Angels guide every Crystal that finds its way to you. Amen.

You can receive the healing by simply reading the words on the page and using the truth held within them to help you and guide you forward in your life. As you focus on the picture, know too that you are absorbing all the healing you need at this time - right now. Angels do connect to you and guide you. Life does want what is best for you and this is simply one way of reaching out a helping hand of truth and love on a conscious and visible level.

Angel Power