Affirmation Financial Abundance

About Affirmations

Affirmations are short, positive, present tense, phrases intended to replace old outdated or negative thought patterns with new positive energy. It is now widely known that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Repeating an affirmation regularly either out loud or to yourself promotes a positive process of change. Writing an affirmation a number of times can also help to imprint it strongly within your conscious mind. Once you begin to feel the truth of an affirmation you can be sure that it has begun to take root and the results can only be positive and transformative both to you and within your life.

The affirmation that has chosen you today is:

'I attract financial abundance with every decision I make'

This affirmation not only clears out the conscious reality of lack and debt, but works to lift your consciousness to the level of true celebration of self and life. Creating abundance enables you to live your life more fully and to share more widely. You will find that your decisions gain sharpness and clarity, and your ability to receive takes on a joyousness and heartfelt gratitude. This in turn enables your whole life experience to grow in vibrancy and worth.

Happy Days

Jane xx

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