Angel Inspiration on Discovery

Are you ready for discovery? Ready to see life from many different angles? Ready to be open and to change old, rooted attitudes? Ready to respond to people and life with the spontaneity of the moment?

You have drawn discovery into your life so you must be ready! Are you also willing I wonder?

It is time to discover new ways to taste tastes - like a child willing to learn, it is time to open up to living in a whole new way. It is time to touch life as if for the first time without old expectations getting in the way and pre-colouring your experiences. It is time to look at friends as if you are seeing them as never before and to respond wholeheartedly to how they are 'right now' and not just respond in the way you 'normally do'.

And - when you begin to live and approach life and relationships in this way, wow! Life will respond with worlds of new realisation and discovery. Your understanding, sense of personal security, success and happiness will all expand with your fresh, wonderful, fully present approach to life.

In excited anticipation.


Angel Power