Moonstone Crystal


Nurturance, ease, the peeling away of the layers of self doubt and illusion, of self delusion in order to allow you to see what is really available to you in life - all of this is brought to you by the Moonstone Crystal.

You are encouraged to trust your own awareness and to know the true intent behind words and actions of other people - also to recognise when you are lying to or fooling yourself!

Sometimes we like to keep tight hold to our idealisms rather than face truth. This is fine as long as we are not harming ourselves or others in any way. It is, however, always best to face up to reality and deal with it. Doing this allows space for such wonderful, ideally suited people and opportunities to arrive.

When we find balance coming to our vision, this stone will nurture the motivation to change, helping us to stand tall and to access our self respect. Confidence will simply begin to shine, the ability to say 'no', and mean it will grow and we will walk on free from heaviness and unburdened of old negativity and pain. Moonstone encourages a person to see the best in themselves and to accept the best for themselves (and, of course, to give/live the best of themselves).

Moonstone takes you beyond illusion and helps you discover the strength that you need to make better choices. It will encourage you to surrender to a better future and to deal with whatever actions need to happen now in order to make room for that new life to arrive. Moonstone is a bridge from pain into happiness, and a guidebook, teacher, healer and friend along the way.

May Angels guide every Crystal that finds its way to you. Amen.

You can receive the healing by simply reading the words on the page and using the truth held within them to help you and guide you forward in your life. As you focus on the picture, know too that you are absorbing all the healing you need at this time - right now. Angels do connect to you and guide you. Life does want what is best for you and this is simply one way of reaching out a helping hand of truth and love on a conscious and visible level.

Angel Power