Angel Inspirations

Angel of Flowers

I come to you today bringing all the beauty and Healing of the flower kingdom.

People are only just beginning to tap into the deep well of potential and Healing offered by these inspirations of nature - through Remedies of various kinds and through aromatherapy essences.

Flowers touch us, heal and transform us on many levels. Their colour reaches our Soul and uplifts our energy when it is tired or down. Their scent and essence touch our emotions and, when we allow, bring health, balance and vibrancy back again. Their Aura and energy can touch us on every level, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and the level of the Soul. It is as if they hold magic that we can reach out and connect to at any moment, and through our willingness to listen and to receive we can open ourselves to amazing transformations.

Why do you think flowers are so often given, on birthdays and anniversaries, when someone is sick, or at funerals? Flowers help to 'clear the air' and to cleanse an environment of negativity, sorrow and fear. It is like bringing a determined smile of God-given sunshine into a room. Even in the fragility of their form and their beauty, flowers withstand and outlast even the most negative of environments and just keep blooming their splendour.

Whatever the message for you today, there is something you need and something you have to offer that is linked to flowers. Please take and use this gift so freely and generously offered by life. The energy you receive when you open yourself up fully to this kingdom of nature will astound you. It is, after all, the Destiny of each flower on earth, to give, to heal, to beautify and to uplift. In opening your heart to them, you help them to live their Destiny to the full.


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