Angel Inspiration on Activity

Activity - quite something in this age of ease and comfort!

I have presented myself today not to deal with your everyday routine activities but in order to encourage and support a balance between necessary life activity and activities of joy.

There are so many options and opportunities available in life to explore - to expand your horizons. Choosing and taking action to expand these horizons is what is being asked of you today.

If you sit down and write a list of general daily work and chores and then make a separate list of 'simply joyful' activity - is there a balance between the two? Is at least 1/3 of your time spent in self chosen joyous activity? If not then now is the time to change. It is time to discover what you can do that you simply LOVE. What exercise lifts your spirits at the mere thought, what hobby inspires and motivates you, what work sparks your mind and initiative? You need to maximise these positive experiences in your life to feed your vitality and energy - your life force. Only you can look around, listen to our whispers and take definite steps toward discovering and partaking fully in the energy of Joy.

Doing this will improve your health, your energy levels, your state of mind and your life. You will have so much more to give to others as well as to yourself. We will guide you and inspire you in the right directions, if you would but make the firm decision to step forward and make the change. You are never alone. Making changes can feel scary or stressful, but we will guide you safely through these barriers to living. Just ask and be prepared to follow the guidance.

In love and in the joy of living to the full.

Angel of Activity

Angel Power