Angel Inspirations

Archangel Raphael

When you look around you and really see life, in all its minute detail and beauty, you will find that your attention is taken away from your worries, and lifted up to the places where beauty lives. You will begin to find your energy replenishes.

Sometimes we fret and worry and question - have tennis matches of discussions inside our minds - doubt, despair - and where does it get us? Nowhere. If something needs to be resolved, or lies heavy on your heart, the only real way to move beyond and find that which is new and refreshing, is to become inspired and inspiration comes most directly and most potently from life that is right before you, right now.

Breathe the air and feel it, look at things around you, especially nature, listen and really hear. Become more and more present and then look at the little details - the leaves and petals of the plant, the decoration on the picture frame, the look and feel of the earth at your feet.

As you do this and really connect your attention and presence you will find your breathing automatically deepens and your mind becomes free to be implanted with new ideas and insights, new resolutions and attitudes. It is only when you focus limitlessly on the new that you become truly healed. Let this happen for you now. Life talks to you - gives you new directions, new answers, new energy and hope - all that you need is placed right in front of you, if you would simply look, believe and remain aware and open to the love and the help that is always available.

In hope and trust you will look up this day and see the beauty of Angels shining to you and touching you with health and true direction - that you will see it in the smallest flower and briefest smile, and that you will understand and accept all that is so freely there for you.


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