Angel Inspiration on Inspired Thought

What is inspiration do you think? To build a drive within you - a motivating force that has the urge to push itself forward and achieve.

You are inspired constantly by life - moved, touched, lifted. Yet how many of you allow these moments of inspiration to be suppressed or ignored, or worst of all recognise them and reject them? Inspirations are a free flowing, generous gift from life. And all you need to do is be open to people, circumstances and places as you go about your daily routines. It is time to let yourself be touched and moved.

Sometimes all inspiration will do is lift your spirit or bring you peace from a troubling situation. Yet, the more you allow the little things to reach you, the easier the greater inspirations will take you over and move you forward with a natural joy and passion.

Try to be more aware of these special moments, and learn not to talk yourself out of them. If you are someone who often gets inspired, but loses steam quickly - becomes disheartened, then you need to hold fast to your ideas for longer, keep them to yourself, say nothing - just let them grow quietly for a while, and allow life and Angels to surround you and make them great enough to take form. Of course, giving yourself time to nurture new thoughts, ideas and urges, also allows the space for false ideas and perceptions to fall away. If an inspiration is truth it will respond to your actions, and life will respond smoothly to your efforts and perseverance. Let faith lift you and let your passion flow through you. Then as your inspirations take creative form, you will find Success is the only true outcome.

I pray for you today and Trust that the inspiration that wings its way to you will be recognised accepted and, when the time is right, acted upon.


Angel Power