Oracle Card 10: Opportunity

Life goes in cycles, ever changing phases. Nothing ever stays the same. If we did not have any challenges to face in life we would never learn or progress. We all need to learn adaptability in order to take the unexpected in our stride and to try not to worry in advance or to anticipate problems before they happen (or even problems that never happen).

We must also learn to strive to make the best of our lives. For some this will mean study or further education and for others it is simply to reach out to people and share more, or to willingly let go of the past.

Luck is also brought into your life with this card, and maintaining a positive attitude through times of change will help you to notice the good and to take up the new and better opportunities that lie before you. It is a waste of time to complain or get stuck in regret of self pity - you simply dig yourself into a hole while life keeps on moving on around you.

Perhaps when new and positive opportunities arrive, you will need courage to take them. Perhaps you need to stretch yourself into areas that represent 'uncharted territory'. Perhaps you need to begin again. The main thing to remember here is, if life has put a new and better situation before you, you are ready for it, you are capable and you are deserving of it. So stand tall and live it with all your heart.

Sometimes we are afraid to make changes; afraid we will fail or lose. It is better to change your own life through your own decision. If you hesitate too long, life may need to pull the rug out from under your feet. Always believe change comes along when you need to discover new aspects of yourself, when you need to grow as a person, or when you deserve something more from life. Dare to believe in good and go beyond that which went before.

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What do money and possessions really mean to you. They are really temporary things unless you have the right perspective on life and on happiness. Take some time to understand your true priorities.
University, college, evening classes - please encourage anyone in the family who shows an interest in learning, to take action and do so. You are never too old to start opening up your mind to new skills and discovering new passions.
If you want to progress fully with a relationship then now is the time to work as a team with commitment and honesty. Be prepared to dig deep into any issues that need resolving, knowing all the time that you are working together towards greater strength as a couple and total success.
Luck and fortune come along with this card. Take a chance, be positive, act confident and you will find it becomes real. Help with your long term future is at hand - be watchful and aware and say 'Yes' to life.
Sometimes changes are needed otherwise we become stale and fed up. Do not be afraid. You are blowing things up out of all proportion. If life prompts change then it is necessary, rather than grieve it, ask why and determinedly discover the good that can come of this time.
Use money, wage rises, small wins - etc. to treat yourself. Go to a health farm, have a massage, get a new hair style - be kind to you.
Listen to the advice of friends and acquaintances just now. Someone will come up with a brilliant idea or solution. Success can lie in following these ideas.

The picture oracle gives you a combination of prediction and character analysis.
Please remember that YOU have complete control over your own life. The Oracle Cards cannot make your decisions for you, they simply give you guidance and invite you to take a fresh perspective on life.
Nothing is totally predestined - if you do not like something, be prepared to change it for the better. Most changes, however, begin self. With a positive and determined attitude you may be amazed at what you can achieve

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