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Combined Angel/Tarot/Soul Reading £210 (1 hour) Order

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Angel guidance is beautiful, uplifting and Inspiring.

This is an invitation to open up your life to the highest and purest of guidance and Healing.

No boundaries are set when you work with Angels, so no definite guidelines can be written for what you will receive, other than it will be exactly what you most need and most deserve at this time.

Angels are able to see everything about us, our hopes, dreams, despairs, pain, joy, nothing is hidden.

They are also able to see the thought patterns and attitudes that govern us and the choices we make in life.

Specific life experiences form around us in response to our thought patterns and choices.

Angels are able to see these fully and know exactly where our thoughts today will lead us as time goes on.

When you open to Angel guidance you will receive the exact words of healing and support that will most encourage you to open up to a greater sense of self and Destiny.

You will be naturally attracted toward the best choices for yourself and others and you will be helped to 'remember' who you really are.

These connections are amazing in their power and awesome in their gentleness and love.

No two readings are ever the same, but then no two people are ever the same either.

One thing that can be guaranteed, when you receive Angel guidance, is that you will receive unconditional love that holds no expectation and healing that asks nothing in return.

Where Angels reside there is no judgement.

Readings are recorded and can be listened to on any device, or downloaded as an audio mp3 file. You will receive a link to your recording by email.

Combined Angel/Tarot/Soul Reading £210 (1 hour) Order

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Special Offer for pre-existing clients only

For the next 6 months (until June 30th, 2018), previously available readings and pricing structures are still available for angelpower clients who placed any order with me prior to December 2017; including mini 10-minute readings. Simply email Jane and an easy payment request will be sent to you.

Due to an ever-increasing demand for readings, it was beyond time to simplify and restructure the way I offer my services to you. I value every client and this offer has been created to make the transition as smooth as possible. The offer is only available to clients who placed an order on this website prior to 1st December 2017.


Please remember that YOU have complete control over your own life. It is your life to live and enjoy. Readings simply give you guidance so that you can see all the options available to you and thereby make your best decisions. Readings also invite you to take a fresh perspective on your life - potentially a whole new approach. Nothing is totally predestined - if you do not like something you can change it for the better and this work helps you understand how and then to find the courage to take the necessary steps. With a positive and determined attitude you may be amazed at what you can achieve.

In accordance with UK Law we must state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy or suitability of a reading for any purpose.

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  • What an amazing reading - I am smiling all over my face. I am soooo happy - you really have given me the words and tools to free myself! How astonishingly right your message to me is!!! Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Thank you thank you thank you - I will listen to your recording every day to help reinforce myself.
    God bless you for the help you have given me and for guiding me towards my new life!!! And thank you for finding the time to do my reading so quickly.
    Just wanted to let you know that what you predicted for me seems to have come to pass. It feels like the angels have been working on my behalf. Thank you for predicting this and also getting the timing so right. I’m really happy!
    I just wanted to reach out and thank you once again. Your guidance has been incredible and I am truly grateful for every bit of it. Things are really improving and I can feel the presence of these beautiful Angels more and more. Your reading really rang true in many aspects of my current situation, and you were correct about a man coming my way and he seems to have presented himself. Already things are manifesting quickly and I feel on the way to being in love with my life again. I can't thank you enough Jane, you are a true inspiration.
    Hi Jane, I am deeply grateful for an amazing reading/healing, you were so spot on with everything you said and everything made complete sense to me. Thank you so very much.
    I love how your readings are always so spot on. I get so giddy when I receive a reading from you because I know wholeheartedly that it will be so in tune with me and that I will always receive wonderful information to help me grow and walk me through this life.
    Wow, thank you! So much. That was a very emotional experience listening to your reading! I was sobbing practically the whole way through which felt like a great release in itself! It resonated so deeply with me.
    Once again, thank you so much! You’re right, I am a very different person now. … I got a promotion! And it is my dream job!!... I cannot believe how wonderfully my life is working out now. My head is kind of spinning it is all happening so quickly, but it is so wonderful and definitely exciting And I couldn’t have achieved any of it without your help. So thank you sooo much.
    I cannot tell you how helpful your reading was to me. You are a blessing and I thank you so much for the healing. I have listened to the reading several times and will continue to replay it. It has an impact not only through the words but also energetically.
    It is quite a spiritual milestone for me to have been gifted this insight from you. I never would have thought of it myself!! Thank you a billion times over for this! I will be in touch via your website in the not too distant future no doubt, to employ your help with the continuation of this journey. I see you almost as a type of soul doctor! Lol! When I am sick in the heart and mind.... you bring healing with just the right words. Your words and the energy that flows from your voice are truly spiritually medicinal. Thank you SO very much for gifting me with this profound 'missing piece' of insight, and for making me feel truly loved. I feel your hug and I feel that you are right there with me feeling my journey when you read. I don't know how you manage to do that for so many people. That truly is your gift.
    Thank you for my wonderful reading! I am fighting off a mild cold in bed this early morning, and lying here listening to your beautiful voice and words was pure luxury!